Signature IJBCross necklace:

This necklace has been in my collection from day one! There are three different sizes:  “S” 0,8cm “M” 1,0 cm and “L” 1,5cm. I like to wear 2 crosses together…in the pic you can see the small and large size.  You can choose the length of the necklace starting at 40cm. The material is 925 sterling silver – 18K roségold plated and it is also available in 925 sterling silver and yellow-gold plated.

Price starting at €50,-


Personalized Necklaces – custom made

We all love personalized jewelry. If you would like to have your necklace or bracelet personalized just contact me and we will make your own precious piece.

The discs are available in  3 different sizes : 0.6cm  –  1,2cm  –  2,0 cm.

You can also choose the length of your necklace . It is a very nice present for kids or as my special “mommy and me” jewelry. 

Material: 925 sterling silver / 18k rosé or yellow- gold plated.

Your order will take about 7 days (not including the weekend)  to be ready. 

Price: starting at €50,- up to €90,-



Elegant pink chalcedony necklace (long)

Material: 925 sterling silver – 18k rosé gold plated with 4 semiprecious stones (pink chalzedony ) and one IJBCross (size “L”).

Price: €160,-

Signature IJBCross necklace

IJBCross size “L” . The signature cross is also available in 2 other sizes “S” & “M”.  925 sterling silver – 18k rosé gold plated (length 40cm).

Price: € 60,- (Size “L” as seen in this pic)  €55,- (size “M”) €50,- (size “S”)